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Phd Student Profile / Bio
Qi Sun
Email: sunqi@go.wustl.edu

Qi Sun

Ph.D. Finance 2016 (expected), Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis
B.S. Mathematics A.B. Economics & Business 2011, Lafayette College
Research interests:
Theoretical and Empirical Asset Pricing, Empirical Corporate Finance, Game Theory
  • "Copula Correlation, Default Correlation and the Copula Method with the Mixture Normal Model on Asset-Backed Securities," Honor Thesis, 2011
  • "CDO Squareds: the Case of Subprime Mortgages," Journal of Structured Finance, Chambers, D., Kelly, M., Lu, Q. etc., 2011
Academic/professional activities:
Presenter, Joint Mathematics Meetings 2011
Presenter, National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2011
Other Professional Experience:
Research Assistant, American Institute for Economic Research, US (2010 - 2010)
Doctoral Fellowship, Olin Business School, 2011 - present
Meritorious Award, Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2010
E.C. Harwood Scholarship, American Institute for Economic Research, 2010
Eugene P. Chase Phi Beta Kappa Prize, Lafayette College, 2009
Personal interests:
Piano, badminton, detective novels