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Phd Student Profile / Bio
Ravi S. Kudesia
Email: rskudesia@wustl.edu

Ravi Kudesia

Organizational Behavior
Ph.D. Organizational Behavior 2016 (expected), Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis
B.S.B.A Marketing 2008, Boston University School of Management
Research interests:
I study how individuals and groups in organizations construct meaning around ongoing events. This includes how they allocate attention, form mental representations, and utilize metacognition to revise these representations. In doing so, I have collaborated with neuroscientists and Buddhist monks, implemented multilevel surveys in organizations, and modeled organizing processes in social movements. My goal in pursuing this line of work is to develop a practically useful, conceptually sound, and theoretically rich understanding of (meta)cognition in organizations.
  • "Distinguishing the Map from the Terrain: Essays on Mindful Metacognition and Mental Representation," 2015, Job Market Paper
  • "A wandering mind does not stray far from home: The value of metacognition in distant search," PLOS ONE 10: e0126865, Baer, M., & Elfenbein, H. A, 2015
  • "Mindfulness and creativity in the workplace," in J. Reb & P. W. B. Atkins (Eds.) 190212, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2015
  • "Mindfulness contextualized: A review and integration of Buddhist and neuropsychological approaches to cognition." in Mindfulness, doi:10.1007/s12671-014-0337-8, Nyima, V. T, 2014
Academic/professional activities:
Association for Psychological Science Member
Academy of Management
Journal of Applied Psychology Co-Reviewer
Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2013 Conflict Management Reviewer
Doctoral Fellowship, Olin Business School, 2011 - present
Research Abstract Award in Recognition of Excellence and Innovation in Yoga Research; International Association of Yoga Therapists; Symposium on Yoga Research; Sept. 2012
Personal interests:
The Self-Examined Life, Jazz Drumming, and Fiction Writing