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Phd Student Profile / Bio
Guang Xiao
Email: xiaoguang@wustl.edu
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Guang Xiao

Operations and Manufacturing Management
Ph.D. Operations and Manufacturin Management 2016 (expected), Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis
M.S. Operations Research 2010, University of Delaware
B.S. Philosophy 2008, Peking University
B.S. Applied Mathematics 2008, Peking University

Supply Chain Management

Research interests:
My research lies in the area of supply chain management, with primary focus on the supply chain risk management. I am also interested in supply chain contracting, pricing and inventory management, social responsible supply chain design, and humanitarian operations management
  • "Push vs. Pull: How to Best Allocate Supply Risk in Random Yield Supply Chains," Panos Kouvelis, Job Market Paper
  • "Supply Diversifi cation under Price Dependent Demand and Random Yield," Lingxiu Dong & Nan Yang, Under Review
  • "Newsvendor-like Tradeoff s under Random Yield: The Agrivendor Problem," Panos Kouvelis & Nan Yang, Under Review
  • "Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management under Fluctuating Procurement Costs," in MSOM, Nan Yang & Renyu Zhang, Forthcoming
  • "Make-to-Stock vs. Make-to-Buy: When Firms Compete under Fluctuating Input Costs," with Panos Kouvelis & Turcic Danko, working paper
  • "To Buy or Not to Buy from a Competitor? Horizontal Outsourcing between Competing Firms," with Joice Hu & Panos Kouvelis, working paper
Doctoral Fellowship, Olin Business School, 2010-2015
Outstanding Operations Research Student Award, University of Delaware, 2010
Research Assistantship, University of Delaware, 2008-2010
Personal interests: