Cornerstones of Leadership (St Louis)

October 30, 2019
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


St Louis Knight Center 220

Seminar Details
This highly interactive seminar will address two key aspects of an executive's work life. First, we will examine how to be more effective as an individual. We will focus on leveraging and improving your assets for making a significant difference in your organization, thinking in ways that generate positive emotions of optimism and resilience, narrowing your focus to the few critical items that will matter the most in your work, and continually raising your performance bar by studying and applying the principles of time-spaced learning and constant performance improvement. Second, we will address how to be effective in interacting with and influencing other people. We will practice in a purposeful way key aspects of communication (clarity, engagement, empathy, and accountability), leadership, and teamwork.

  • How an individual’s strengths can be leveraged to achieve better results
  • The impact of one’s frame of mind and resilience on performance
  • Using interpersonal influence and leadership skills to get things done
  • Building teamwork that works to win, and learn how collaboration drives sustained success
  • Bringing out the best in your team and helping them grow

  • Gain a greater understanding of your character strengths, passions, talents, confidence, and behaviors
  • Apply practical tactics to understand what other people are feeling and positively influence their decision-making
  • Learn to prioritize tasks so you can focus on the activities that have the greatest impact on the most desired outcomes
  • Understand how to consistently get great performances out of other people


    Earn a Concentration or your Advanced Management Certificate

    This seminar qualifies for one day out of five in the Leadership Concentration. Earn a concentration by taking five seminar days in this area within two years, or complete 15 seminar days across three defined concentration areas to earn your Advanced Management Certificate.


Dan Coughlin, The Coughlin Company

Executive Programs, 314-935-9494

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