​Brauer Lecture Series

Prominent businesspeople from the WashU Olin community and beyond discuss how their values inform the decisions they make every day. 

About the Series

This series is made possible through the generosity of a gift from Stephen F. and Camilla T. Brauer toward the advancement of research and business education. Through this endowment, the Stephen F. and Camilla T. Brauer Lecture Series features highly regarded thought leaders and public figures addressing the positive influences free-market economics and the American free enterprise system play in economic growth, public policy and world affairs. The series hosts at least one high-profile speaker annually in Graham Chapel along with two lectures, panel discussions or debates in smaller venues on campus. Brauer Lecture Series events are open to members of the WashU and St. Louis communities and, when possible, featured more widely in a livestream.

“This new university-wide lecture series highlighting the critical importance of America’s free enterprise system is an incredible asset to our extended student, faculty, and business communities. WashU Olin Business School is excited to work with the Brauers to bring in key thought leaders to discuss the market underpinnings of meaningful economic growth across the region, the nation, and the globe.”
—Todd Milbourn, Vice Dean of Faculty and Research and Hubert C.and Dorothy R. Moog Professor of Finance