Reputation Management (St. Louis)

March 8, 2017
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


St. Louis Knight Center

Seminar Details

While traditionally the domain of marketing, the abundance of information in the modern era allows for ever more comprehensive analyses of our business environment in ways that involve not just market forces, but also social, regulatory and attitudinal elements that profoundly impact the way brands are perceived. This seminar shows how Big Data concepts and tools can be used to manage and build the health and strength of corporate brands.

  • How market and non-market forces interact to shape a brand
  • The kinds of information available to gain an understanding of how a brand is positioned
  • How critical challenges and risks can be identified through information and data
  • How data are used to form strategic approaches to brand and risk management

Earn a Concentration or your Advanced Management Certificate

This seminar qualifies for one day out of four in the Business Execution Concentration. Earn a concentration by taking four seminar days in this area within two years, or complete 16 seminar days across four defined concentration areas to earn your Advanced Management Certificate.


Anthony Sardella, CEO, evolve24

Executive Programs, 314-935-9494

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