Enterprise Leadership: Connecting Across the Organization (St. Louis)

June 3, 2019
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

June 4, 2019
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

June 5, 2019
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


St. Louis

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Seminar Details
NEW FOR 2019 - Three Day Program

NOTE: Your registration is for all three days of this program.

Enterprise Leadership:  Connecting Across the Organization

Learn how to become a more empathetic, mindful and cross-organizational leader. A growing body of research suggests that empathy and perspective-taking are powerful leadership tools that broaden ones capacity to understand differing perspectives and respond with appropriate measure.  This three-day course focuses on several key elements that help you connect with individuals at all levels of your organization, improving your ability to influence, organize, and motivate others towards a common purpose.  You will practice techniques to enable greater enterprise leadership capacity and you’ll identify opportunities to improve outcomes through a variety of empathetic leadership frameworks.

Day 1 – Communicating and Engaging with Empathy
  • Understand the foundations of cognitive and emotional empathy pathways and how they impact productive responses to others
  • Develop and sustain a productive personal orientation towards empathy 
  • Apply techniques that correct for tendencies to over- or under-empathize

Day 2 – Navigating Negotiation and Conflict
  • Apply perspective-taking techniques to uncover compatible underlying interests between competing parties in order to both create and claim resources
  • Understand how over-empathizing with one’s counterpart can impede the discovery of mutually beneficial solutions

Day 3 – Leading Productive Collaboration
  • Better cope with the realities of group collaboration and decision-making
  • Assess current decision-making orientation of oneself and that of the firm
  • Structure teams to include broader perspectives in order to overcome common traps such as confirmation bias and other cognitive biases

  • Understand what empathy is and why it is important for modern leadership
  • Examine the appropriate application of empathy and its potential limits
  • Apply principles of team building and efficacy that are linked to appropriate application of perspective-taking and empathy techniques
  • Understand your personal tendencies, how they play out in a variety of contexts, and how best to set the proper tone in differing situations


Earn a Concentration or your Advanced Management Certificate

This seminar qualifies for three days out of five in the Leadership Concentration. Earn a concentration by taking five seminar days in this area within two years, or complete 15 seminar days across three defined concentration areas to earn your Advanced Management Certificate.


Paul Paese, Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior, Olin Business School
Andrew Knight, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Washington University’s Olin Business School
Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff, Professor of Law, Washington University

Executive Programs, 314-935-9494

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