Demystifying Data Science (s)

April 28, 2021
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


s Knight Center

Registration Required: Yes


Seminar Details
Explore the landscape of modern data science and learn how to apply the tools and frameworks in a practical setting.  This seminar helps to build understanding and assessment capabilities in the use and application of modern data science techniques. We’ll also discuss how leaders can best leverage insights from data to make better decisions and optimize overall enterprise strategy.

  • Framework for understanding modern data science, analytics and forecasting techniques
  • Overview of some of the basic tools and how they are used, including data mining, simulation techniques, and artificial intelligence

  • Strengthen ability to think probabilistically 
  • Better understand what kind of insights data analytics can (and can’t) reliably provide
  • Critically analyze business opportunities to employ data techniques
  • Improve decision-making enabled by appropriately applied data techniques
Earn a Concentration or your Advanced Management Certificate

This seminar qualifies for one day out of five in the Business Execution Concentration. Earn a concentration by taking five seminar days in this area within two years, or complete 15 seminar days across three defined concentration areas to earn your Advanced Management Certificate.

*The current healthcare situation requires that the Olin Business School provide participants with learning conditions that protect the health of participants, business school staff, and faculty. As a result, Olin faculty are prepared to deliver their sessions either live, or virtually, as regulations and circumstances permit. If conditions prohibit face-to-face coursework, we will switch affected seminars to virtual delivery via the Zoom platform


Samuel Chun, Professor of Management Practice, Assistant Dean & Director of Executive Education, Washington University’s Olin Business School

Executive Programs, 314-935-9494

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