Strategies for Driving Continuous Growth (formerly Growth Engine) (St. Louis)

September 23, 2014
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


St. Louis Knight Center

Seminar Details

Driving profitable corporate growth presents challenges even during times of economic prosperity. This is particularly true for companies that have already experienced market success. In fact, as Warren Buffett has said repeatedly, the bigger the base of dollar sales, the harder it is to grow meaningfully without deviating from the original value proposition. There are critical junctures in a company's development when management needs to look beyond past successes to chart new courses for continued increases in sales and earnings. The seminar will also discuss the pitfalls in mergers and the best practices of successful acquirers.

  • Creating and leading a growth-focused organization that focuses on both top and bottom lines, with a sharp focus on the tensions inherent in any growth strategy and how to recognize and deal effectively with these tensions
  • Developing key processes that balance the need to drive profits through operational excellence with the need to invest in innovations and risky acquisitions to create future growth platforms
  • Implementing a market-focused culture that uses customers as a key asset to drive profitability and provide corporate opportunities to develop market-sustaining client solutions

"Growth Engine" uses case studies, facilitated discussions, exercises, frameworks and functional tools to deliver its messages.


When you have completed this seminar, you will:

  • Have a clear picture of how to structure a growth-focused organization, and how to recognize and deal with the tensions inherent in growth
  • Understand the key processes for balancing operational excellence and prudent risk-taking to foster future growth
  • Understand how to use customers to drive profitability and provide corporate growth opportunities


Who Should Attend?

Senior-level and mid-level executives who have strategic planning responsibilities at the corporate and/or division level.

Anjan Thakor, John E. Simon Professor of Finance, Olin Business School

Executive Programs, 314-935-9494

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