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​Resear​ch Fellowships

Research fellowships are awarded to visiting professors and top-performing postdoctoral students. Fellows are invited to assist in ongoing research projects, attend seminars and conferences, and conduct their own research.

List of Fellowships




Research Topic

Fall 2013

Fall 2008

Jian Li, PhD

Northeastern Illinois University

Managing Cotton Supply Chains: Contractual Schemes for Risk Management

Expedited Shipments in Stochastic Lead-time and Uncertain Demand Supply Chains

Fall 2013

Fall 2008

Sammi Tang, PhD

University of Miami

Supply Chain Coordination in Random Yield Supply Chains

Supplier Diversification Strategies for Supply Risk Management in the Presence of Competition

Summer 2013

Qing Ding, PhD

Huazhong University of Science & Technology/Singapore Management University

Inventory Rationing Strategies in Supply Chains

2012-2013, Spring, Summer 2009

Rong Li, PhD

NanKai University/Singapore Management University

Managing Inventories of Storable Commodities: Role of Operational and Financial Hedging

Fall 2012

Fall 2008

Zhongjun Tian, PhD

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Flexible Capacity Investments and Product Mix: Value of Postponement

Dynamic Pricing of Inventories of Substitute Products


Betul Lus

University of Massachusetts, Amherst/Empire State University

Managing Product Design and Development: A Process Viewpoint


Wenhui Zhao, PhD

Shanghai Jiao Tong

Supply Chain Finance: The Role of Trade Credits/Supply Chain Coordination with Financing and Bankruptcy Costs

Spring 2008

Julie Niederhoff, PhD

Syracuse University

Behavioral Game Theory Applications in Supply Chain Contracting and Coordination

Summer, Fall 2008

Dennis Yu, PhD

Clarkson University

Managing Product Variety

Spring 2012, Fall 2010

Hirofumi Matsuo, PhD

Kobe University

Capacity Expansion in Semiconductor Industry: Study of Contracts for Risk Management

Spring 2009, Fall 2008

Hiroyuki Kashiwase, Industry Fellow

Renesas Technology Corporation

Forecasting and Planning in Decentralized Semiconductor Supply Chains