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Research Seminars

Leading operations and supply chain researchers share their latest project ideas and 'fresh from the press' insights.

BCTIM’s research seminars and conferences create a unique area of excellence. Olin’s seminar lineup features speakers from institutions like MIT, INSEAD, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, and UCLA. St. Louis is becoming a regional hub for thought leadership and research in supply chain management and operations, in part due to the caliber of these events.

Participate in our rich supply chain and operations community by hearing from the best minds on the latest research during these free 90-minute lectures. Both academics and BCTIM member companies are invited to gain a preview of research in process.

Research is a community. Breakthroughs don’t come from a single academic; they come from the collaborative efforts of a network of professionals to address challenges and to solve problems. BCTIM is creating this at Olin.




Nikolaos Trichakis (Harvard University)

"Operationalizing Financial Covenants"

Onur Boyabatli (Singapore Management University)

“Capacity Management in Agricultural Commodity Processing and Application in the Palm Industry”

Deishin Lee (Carroll School of Management, Boston College)
“Mechanisms for Increasing Locally Sourced Fresh Produce”
Ankur Goel (Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University) “Financial Hedging and Inventory Policies under Correlated Price & Demand”
Nicos Savva (London Business School) “Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Social Learning and Strategic Consumers”
J. George Shanthikumar (Purdue University) “Supply and Demand Functions in Inventory Models”