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​Operational Excellence Association

The Operational Excellence Association (OEA) is a newly formed St. Louis regional business collaborative that equips individual members and their companies with the expertise, best practices, and networks needed for operational strength in all aspects of their business. 

Open to all business leaders and decision makers throughout the St. Louis region, the OEA is a hub for best practices, emerging technologies, and business solutions – providing its members access to case studies, expert speakers, consultants, scholarly research, networks, talent, and collaborative solutions for the most complex functional and cross-functional business challenges.

Founded by Washington University’s Olin Business School, the OEA exists to serve business, helping enhance the competitive position of member companies and, in turn, the St. Louis region. Far from an academic endeavor, the OEA comprises business leaders from across the region. It is their active involvement that establishes and perpetuates the OEA’s mission, focus, and ongoing relevance.

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