​Business Model Innovation

​Leveraging Disruptive Technologies & Processes for Competitive Advantage

Coming Spring 2020


Game-changing innovation results from inventing business models that change the nature of competition in an industry. This course will offer ideas both for how to create such game-changing business models, frequently capitalizing on emerging markets ("reverse innovation"), changing consumer preferences, and technology trends ("disruptive technologies"), and for how to fight against disruptive threats making your current business models obsolete. We will point out the connection between innovative business models and the changing structure of operational processes and supply chain structures supporting them.

We place emphasis on understanding the role of new technologies in motivating and supporting explosive business models, and how simple operational concepts, when applied to rethink a problem, can lead to innovative business models. For established organizations with strong industry presence, we answer the questions of (a) how to achieve consistent, persistent growth, and (b) how to protect current markets from disruptions. For entrepreneurial firms, startups and smaller competitors, we offer ideas on how to identify and effectively pursue the next breakthrough innovation. Our course will be interactive and experiential, relying on web-based simulations and tools such as the Business Model Canvas to apply these ideas to environments of your immediate interest.


  • The elements of a business model
  • Using the Business Model Canvas as a tool to design innovative business models
  • Game-changing business models with the use of enabling disruptive technologies
  • The power of "reverse innovation"
  • Application of the 4W framework (What, When, Who, and Why) of operational principles as a brainstorming tool for innovation
  • Organizing for rapid growth via disruptive innovation


This course will teach participants how to:
  • Design business models for growth and competitive success
  • Adjust operational processes and supply chains to empower your business model innovation
  • Manage the risks of disruptive threats for your current businesses
  • Identify the new markets that will drive your radical breakthrough business models
  • Diffuse lessons from emerging markets on ways to develop "good enough" products and services into innovative business models for other global markets


Senior and mid-level executives, managers, and professionals with a few years of development experience across functional areas with interface to product/service/business model development and strategic innovation; aspiring entrepreneurs; managers and owners of startup businesses.


Panos Kouvelis
Emerson Distinguished Professor of Operations & Manufacturing Management and Director of The Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation at Washington University's Olin Business School

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