​Operational Execution

​Using Emotional Intelligence & Lean Leadership at All Levels For Sustainable Transformation

Coming Fall 2020


Using emotional intelligence habitually when executing a strategy for an enterprise, a division, a team or individual is a key to developing an adaptive and continuously improving organization, especially when coupled with daily, repeatable, operational (lean) leadership practices known as PDCA (plan-do-check-act). This scientific method of emotional thinking and behaving throughout an organization is a game-changer; process is critical. But process alone, devoid of the issue of human behavior will not result in desired or sustainable transformative outcomes. No matter how tight the process, if the end result is not sustainable, the process crumbles and teams are disappointed or, worst case scenario, fail.

Learning and applying emotional intelligence at the very personal, individual level and practicing the principles of operational leadership (frequently termed as "Lean") throughout the organization at all levels can be the difference between change management that dies and a change management culture that is sustainable and thrives, ultimately driving continuous improvement to greater revenue and profit, leaving teams more capable, more competitive and more adaptive.

This interactive, two-day practice-based training for awareness will expose you to the personal attributes, practices, and "standard of care" principles intended to develop your personal effectiveness, and both leverage and complement your lean thinking competence with lean leadership skills for sustainable outcomes.
Highly developed people, fully embracing their authenticity and leveraging their emotional intelligence, using the right processes, leadership principles and tools, deliver value.

In lean thinking, clarity of purpose is the challenge.
In emotional intelligence, being intelligent about your emotions is the opportunity. All culminates in operational leadership that develops and sustains a culture of continuous improvement for breakthrough goals and always staying ahead of competition.


  • Best practices of operational leadership for success (Toyota Way & Lean Leadership)
  • Emotional intelligence & commitment to self-development
  • Learning to coach and develop others
  • Creating vision and aligning goals
  • Developing exceptional people through problem solving
  • Developing operational leaders at all levels


This course will teach participants how to:
  • Harvest emotional intelligence for productivity & effectiveness
  • Develop operational leadership capabilities at any level
  • Become an effective team leader and coach in developing others
  • Sustain daily “kaizen” (change for the better)
  • Utilize effective problem solving skills in a continuous improvement culture
  • Effectively execute operational strategies through transformational programs in an organization


Mid-level executives, managers, professional services administrators, IT and development professionals, supervisors, continuous improvement administrators and enthusiasts, and anyone in the middle of an operational transformation program in their company or their life who has a desire to increase their personal productivity and serve as a lean leader for themselves, their team, or their organization's effectiveness.


Edie Varley
President, The Varley Group

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