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Center for Analytics and Business Insights

Data-driven decisions drive impactful business value.

The Center for Analytics and Business Insights (CABI) is Washington University’s hub for research, innovation, and applied knowledge in the burgeoning field of analytics.

Data-Driven Innovation

No business leader today should make decisions without the guidance of data. That vision forms the core of our mission to propel industry adoption of analytics-driven decision-making that creates business value with impact. By providing cutting-edge research and expertise, the CABI bridges gaps in analytics talent, skills, knowledge, and resources to solve complex industry challenges through data-driven insights.

Guiding Firms on Their Analytics Journeys

Firms that engage with the CABI are at varying stages in their analytics journey. Some are still working to collect the right data. Others are awash in giant data sets. They’re tracking marketing campaigns, consumer behaviors, employee efficiency, logistics, and more. Wherever they fall in the journey, most want to better mine their data to unearth the business value within.

The CABI connects industry leaders with the expertise of Olin’s faculty, other university partners, students, and our corporate advisory board so they can make decisions rooted in data to drive impactful business value. We provide up-to-the-minute analytical tools, training, software, and strategy to improve business efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and maximize profitability.

We give business leaders the tools, talent, and knowledge they need to solve complex problems and achieve their goals through the four cornerstones of our strategy:

  • Empowering Leaders: CABI board members regularly share knowledge and learn from peers about today’s challenges—while shaping the next generation of big-data practitioners who will solve tomorrow’s analytics challenges.
  • Exposing Data-Driven Innovation: Through our research roundtables, we put leaders at the center of the latest big-data thinking, pairing them with the country’s leading experts at the cutting-edge of research in the field.
  • Building Technical Expertise: The CABI creates and refines your firm’s technical expertise through intensive, two-day immersion training workshops with Olin and visiting professors.
  • Solving Real-World Problems: Faculty-led, student-run consulting engagements give firms the muscle to solve critical questions while preparing new practitioners.


Director: Seethu Seetharaman, W. Patrick McGinnis Professor of Marketing
Business Director: Michael Wall, Professor of Marketing Practice
Program Manager: Katie Cannady | 314-935-6976

CABI partners include the Technology and Leadership Center, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Data and GIS Services, and the University Library.

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