​​WFA-CFAR Finance and Accounting Seminars

WFA-CFAR brings the most exciting research being conducted in finance and accounting to Olin Business School, and into the domain of practitioners. 

Finance Seminars

Financial scholars from within and outside the Olin community take part in this reoccurring seminar series. Topics covered include initial public offerings, valuation, bankruptcy, credit rating targets, commodities, and politics of the mortgage crisis. Participating speakers come to the event from respected institutions, including Duke, MIT, New York University, Northwestern, Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago, and Yale, as well as experts from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, International Monetary Fund, and Securities and Exchange Commission. For information, please contact the seminar series administrator.

Accounting Seminars

This reoccurring series brings the latest academic accounting thinking and theories to Olin. The series allows the field’s premier academics to examine topics like bank transparency, corporate governance, Sarbanes Oxley and disclosure decisions. Upcoming and past speakers include faculty from Columbia, Cornell, Duke, London Business School, MIT, Ohio State, Stanford, University of Chicago, and University of Pennsylvania. For information, please contact the seminar series administrator.

Mark Leary, Interim Director of WFA–CFAR and Professor of Finance