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​Economics and Strategy Doctoral Support

Each year, CRES sponsors doctoral students who present papers at academic conferences around the world. For a complete list of sponsored students and their papers, please view the Doctoral Support page on the CRES WUSTL Sites website.

  • Jack Zhang, 79th Annual Academy of Management Meeting, Boston, August 2019
    Sifting for Creativity: A Theory and Process for Idea Selection in Groups | Blowback: Retaliation Against Anger in Group Decision Makeing and the Role of Individual Differences
  • Yanrong Jia, American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, August 2019.
    Price-to-Earning Ratios and Attention to Earnings
  • Yifang Xie, American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, August 2019.
    Truncating Optimism
  • Kelvin Yuen, Spring 2019 Midwest Macroeconomics Meeting, Athens, GA, May 2019.
    Health, Crime, and the Labor Market: Theory and Political Analysis
  • Trey Cummings, Startegic Management Society Special Conference, Las Vegas, March 2019.
    A New Direction or Lack of Direction? The Story of Innovation with Outsider CEOs
  • Rachel Gershon, Society for Consumer Psychology Annual Conference, Savannah, February 2019.
    The Reputational Benefits and Material Burdens of Prosocial Referral Incentives
  • Rachel Gershon, AMA Winter Conference, Austin, February 2019.
    Twice-Told Tales: Self-Repetition Decreases Consumer Perceptions of Performer Authenticity