Short-term visitors are distinguished scholars from other institutions. They interact with the faculty and fellows, give seminars and workshops, and enhance Washington University's ties to other top research institutions.

Below is a partial list of the Center's most recent visitors. For a complete list of past visitors, please view the Visitors page on the CRES Campus Groups website.




Paper Title

November 1-5, 2016Francesco DragoUniversity of MessinaCompliance Behavior in Networks: Evidence from a Field Experiment
May 5-8, 2013Jeremy FoxUniversity of MichiganIdentification of Discrete Choice Models for Bundles and Binary Games
April 12, 2013Linda Babcock*Carnegie Mellon UniversityNegotiation and the Gender Divide
April 11, 2013Linda Babcock*Carnegie Mellon UniversityWhat Do We Know About Gender and Negotiation? New Evidence on How and When Women Do Ask