​Consulting Projects for Family Businesses

Student teams conduct Practicum consulting projects for family enterprises seeking solutions to their business challenges.

Through the Olin Family Business Program, business school students have consulted with a Vietnam-based logistics provider that’s a first-generation family business founded in 1995 and employing more than 1,200 people globally. Students have also consulted with a leading petroleum retailer, marketer, and convenience store operator—a second-generation company with a national scope.

In one case, the student-consultants offered structure, business planning, and market research to help the family weigh a substantial expansion in its core business. In the other, the student-led consulting project generated a marketing plan, a competitive analysis, and additional guidance to increase sales and improve the company’s food service business.

In both cases, the client feedback was overwhelmingly positive, providing support for decisions that their “gut” said would be right.

In collaboration with Olin’s Center for Experiential Learning, the Olin Family Business Program exposes students to real-world challenges as they work with established family-owned enterprises to tackle all-too-common business problems. Students interact directly with the businesses’ decision-makers, developing solutions in the context of the unique needs, challenges, and expectations of a family-led enterprise.

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