Business leaders collaborate and learn in community outreach programs sponsored by the Bauer Leadership Center.

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Business Impact: Best Practices in Leadership

Bauer Leadership Center works to extend its impact to the local and global business community by promoting an approach to leadership where values are demonstrated every day.

Values in Leadership Series

The Values in Leadership Series uses themed discussions with leaders across industries to transform how leadership is valued and understood in business today. This series articulates the principles that guide decisions and the leadership philosophies that help businesses reach their full potential.

Data for Good, October 5, 2018

video Hundreds of students, business leaders, and alumni assembled at Olin for the school’s first “Data for Good” workshop on October 5, 2018. Co-sponsored by Bauer Leadership Center and The Center for Analytics and Business Insights, the event shined a spotlight on WashU Olin’s approach toward values-based, data-driven decision-making with industry experts who spoke of using big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to make material improvements in their businesses—and the community at large.

The Relevance of Religion for Leadership, February 13, 2018

video Where do values come from? For many people, religious traditions serve as a foundation for personal values, shaping their decisions and their definition of success. A panel of distinguished leaders from business, politics, and medicine discussed the ways in which religious traditions and identities can shape leadership approaches and ethical decision-making. The collaboration with the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics attracted a diverse audience and generated a lively discussion.

The Value of Values for Founders and Entrepreneurs, September 20, 2017

If values and culture are not clearly articulated and defined from the start, entrepreneurs have little chance of creating ventures that embody their deeply held values. This seminar examined the role of values in entrepreneurship and discussed the chronic challenge of standing firm on values when faced with intense growth pressures. This seminar, presented in collaboration with Entrepreneurs’ Organization, featured local entrepreneurial leaders from organizations like Blueberry Hill, Cotton Babies, Cultivation Capital, and Elasticity.

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BLC Bauer Leadership Fellow's Rowing Experience

St. Louis Rowing Club, Creve Coeur Lake
12:00 PM

Values-Based/Data-Driven Decision-Making | CABI & BLC Immersion Course

Knight Center: Executive Education & Conference Center - KC 340
8:30 AM

Values in Leadership Series: Values Based, Data-Driven Decision-Making

Knight Hall: Emerson Auditorium, Knight Hall
7:30 AM

BLC Leading in the Trenches: Bauer Fellows Captain's Table #4

Simon Hall: Simon Hall 100
2:30 PM

BLC Leading in the Trenches: Bauer Fellows Captain Table #5

Bauer Hall: Bauer Hall 550
2:30 PM

Work as a Calling

9:00 AM

BLC Global Consortium of Leaders

Bauer Hall
9:00 AM