George and Carol Bauer Leadership Center

The George and Carol Bauer Leadership Center accelerates Olin Business School’s efforts to develop leaders of competence and character who are equipped to make a positive and principled difference in their organizations, their communities, and society at large.

video The Bauer Leadership Center is grounded in the proposition that true leadership in business requires the ability to deliver business results while staying true to one’s values and responsibilities. We call that Values Based, Data Driven leadership.

Values-based leaders produce economic value for companies while creating meaningful careers, more engaging workplaces, and more responsible enterprises. Our objective—the development of values-based leaders—is made possible by the generous support of George and Carol Bauer. Their vision, energy, and example of ethical leadership have been, and will continue to be, an inspiration.

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Kurt Dirks, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Leadership
Bank of America Professor of Leadership

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Our Mission

Advancing Values-Based Leadership

  • Education
    Educating and inspiring the next generation
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  • Research
    Creating knowledge about best practices
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  • Business Impact
    Transforming how organizations think about and practice leadership
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video“Leadership, in the 21st century, is one of the most important things facing our society... the idea of leaders reflecting on morality, and how to apply it in both their business and private lives, is terribly important.”

—George Bauer

Leadership Competency Model

The Bauer Leadership Competency Model guides leadership development, assessment, and coaching at the Center. It specifies competencies that enable leaders to drive results and lead people, in ways that honor personal and organizational values and are grounded in data and evidence.

Leadership Competency Model

Drive Results

  • Sets strategy and direction
  • Ensures alignment & accountability
  • Drives innovation and continuous learning

Lead People

  • Influences others
  • Develops others
  • Builds collaborative relationships


  • Shows integrity to personal values
  • Champions organizational values and purpose
  • Honors societal responsibilities


  • Measures key activities and outcomes
  • Leverages data for business insights
  • Builds a data culture

Download our leadership competency model white paper

The center has been busy working to achieve our mission to develop authentic, values-based leaders through a variety of engaging activities and events. The report provides information on the center's activities, events and initiatives from last year. Download the Bauer Leadership Center Annual Report

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