​Lessons in Leadership Video Series

The Lessons in Leadership video series seeks to use the lessons and experiences of successful leaders to provide insight and inspiration to aspiring leaders. These videos will be used in classroom settings and to complement research initiatives.

Leadership Topics


When Your Word is Your Bond

George Bauer, CEO and Chairman of The GPB Group, Ltd., recalls a defining moment from his childhood. He witnessed a confluence of two great value systems, which created a “High Integrity Transaction."


Your Brand and Your Compass

Carl Casale, former CEO of CHS, discusses how you are never able to out run your reputation—for better or worse—and the importance of having a brand and compass.


The Awesome Responsibility of Leadership

Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, talks about how leadership is profoundly affected when we shift our mindset to view every employee as someone else’s precious child.


The Value of Mistakes

Maxine Clark, founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop and CEO of Clark-Fox Family Foundation, reflects on how questions make you sharper and that it is ok to make mistakes.


Power of Mentors

Orv Kimbrough, President and CEO of United Way of Greater St. Louis, shares how having great people in his life made a difference for him. These mentors’ interest in him has helped him navigate and transform into a leader.


Values-Based Leadership

Sue McCollum, Chairman and CEO of Major Brands Premium Beverage Distributors, discusses leading with impact and integrity. She also shares her viewpoint on the difference between leadership and doing a job versus leadership and being a boss.