Executive MBA program to expand to India

Published 10/25/2013

Washington University in St. Louis and the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (IITB) will offer a joint Executive MBA program beginning in 2015. The new academic partnership was announced with the launch of the Washington University-IITB Corporate Alliance at a meeting held in St. Louis this month with leaders from the two research universities and several major international corporations in attendance.

Believed to be the first Executive MBA program delivered jointly in India and the U.S. by institutions based in both countries, the goal of the new program will be to educate a significant number of senior executive graduates who are making a difference in their businesses and their countries in a direct and observable way.

Washington University’s Olin Business School established its Executive MBA program in St. Louis three decades ago. The program expanded to China in 2002 when Olin and Fudan University launched the first foreign-partnered EMBA program to be formally recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. More recently, Olin began offering its Executive MBA degree in Kansas City and Denver.

"We are looking forward to our collaboration with IIT-Bombay’s Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management,” said Mahendra R. Gupta, dean of Olin Business School. “Challenges facing today’s business leaders require cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary collaboration to innovate and solve global problems. Expansion of our Executive MBA program to India and the new Corporate Alliance with ITT-Bombay are laying a great foundation for future generations of managers and entrepreneurs."

The objective of the Washington University-ITTB Corporate Alliance is to perform cutting-edge research of relevance to industry, government and society and to train the next generation of talented employees and leaders.

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