Olin rises in Forbes MBA ranking

Published 10/9/2013

Money isn't everything, but when it comes to the Forbes biennial ranking of MBA programs, it is.

"We rank full-time M.B.A programs every two years based on return on investment. This year we found the degree still pays off at our top 25 U.S. programs—just not as fast," explains Kurt Badenhausen on the Forbes website. The survey tracks and compares salaries of students pre-MBA program and five years after graduation. This year's survey focuses on the class of 2008 that had the misfortune of re-entering the workforce at the start of the financial crisis.

"The average payback period for the Class of 2008 was 3.7 years versus 2.7 years a decade ago," Badenhausen writes. "Salaries five years out of school were down from two years ago for all but two schools in the top 10 with only Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and Michigan’s Ross School of Business bucking the trend."

Olin moved up from #47 in the Forbes ranking to #34 this year. Average salary for members of the Olin class of 2008 before graduate school was $50,000. 2012 salaries averaged: $125,000. See the full rankings here.