Your Privacy

Olin Business School uses Google Analytics for usage data to improve our sites. We adhere to the privacy policies established by Washington University.

Google site analytics do not include any personally identifiable information. The reports are password protected and only available to the Olin Business School Marketing & Communications and Web Teams and other designated staff requiring this information to perform their duties

Olin utilizes Google retargeting to improve the effectiveness of its online marketing. Retargeting uses advertising cookies that collect data about website usage to selectively display ads in Google's Content Network.

The cookies record your visits to Olin pages. Data recorded through the use of this technology is aggregated, and third-party vendors through Google’s Content Network will show Washington University ads on their sites based on a fit between your interests as ascertained by pages you've previously visited. No personally identifiable information about you is collected by Google. You can opt-out of Google remarketing with partner sites, or manage your Google ad preferences.