Adam Thurau, PMBA 30

On choosing Olin:
Lots of people have MBAs. They’re prevalent in the business world, so when you apply for a job and you just have a typical MBA, from School X or Y, it doesn’t distinguish you. You’re just another MBA. A Washington University Professional MBA means more than a typical MBA. It sets you apart as a professional and puts your name at the top of the list.

Plus, the network you get from alumni, professors and your fellow students really makes a difference in your ability to move up the career ladder. You can’t get these opportunities elsewhere. It’s a real stepping stone. My Washington University Professional MBA is allowing me to move into new areas. It’s proven to be an excellent program, allowing me to explore opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without Olin.

On the Olin experience:
If you’re looking at an MBA and you just want to put it on your resume, Olin is not the place for you. If you want to be someone-someone who wants to advance, who wants to meet new people, really learn-this is the place. You’re going to get a network, you’re going to get a school with a national reputation and you’re going to get a better learning experience than anywhere else in St. Louis.

BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia; Columbia, MO
MS, Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Rolla, MO

Technical Executive, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency