Bill Coppel, Executive MBA 2012

On the Olin experience:

It has been an incredible journey. Not only incredible professors and an outstanding program, but more importantly the people that I’ve met, my classmates. We’ve bonded in a way that I’ve never experienced. We’ll be friends for life; we’ll be colleagues for life. What we’ve explored over this time period is not only illuminating from an academic standpoint, but more importantly I think it has brought to life a lot of principles and a lot of theories and skills that we’ve developed.

I would say the best part of this whole program has been interactive collaboration with our professors and our teammates and our classmates. This program can’t be described in one word, but if I had to pick a term I guess I would say … life changing.

On what’s next:
I have no plans to deviate largely from what I’ve been doing. The Executive MBA program is giving me a new lens to get a look at what’s possible. I’ve always believed that the reason to move or change is largely based on whether you can still contribute to what you’re doing and if you’re still growing. I feel that I’m still growing and contributing in my current roll, but the value that I’ve derived from this experience will allow me to again use a different lens, if you will, to look at the future.

Managing Director /Chief Client Growth Officer, First Clearing/Wells Fargo Advisors

St. Louis, MO