Brandt House, Executive MBA

Here’s what I know: WashU is a school that’s committed to my success. Its participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program says to veterans: ‘We’re investing in you.

A “military brat” from Louisville, Kentucky, House followed in his mother’s footsteps and enlisted in the US Air Force after he finished high school. “She loved the air force; I loved the air force,” he says.
Shortly after enlisting, House was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy and graduated as an officer. He flew KC-135 Stratotankers all around the world. “Becoming a pilot was a dream come true,” he says.

Ten hours after terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Center in New York, House was flying patrols over major US cities. He deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Why he pursued an EMBA degree and selected WashU’s EMBA program

“I was aware of WashU’s reputation and wanted to learn from the best of the best. ‘Get your A game on’: that’s what I told myself when I first came to campus. There definitely was the appeal of something special.” The university genuinely cares about members of the military, he says. “Here’s what I know: WashU is committed to my success. Its participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program says to veterans: ‘We’re investing in you.’”

What impressed him most about the faculty

“All the EMBA faculty members have mastery of their subject matter” and field experience that’s as informative as their course content, he says. “Professors have great pedigrees, great delivery, and great personalities. They kept us laughing, learning, and wanting to come back for more.

“One of our class weekends conflicted with a ceremony to appoint me to the O’Fallon Township High School Board of Education, an honor that was really exciting for me and my family. Professor Bill Bottom offered his personal time to cover material I’d miss. After the event, my classmates affectionately referred to me as ‘the mayor.’”

How the program’s executive career coach helped him transition to the business world

House met one-on-one with the program’s executive career coach for several hours.

“It was daunting to narrow down my 25-year career to a two-page resume,” he says. “Frans Van Oudenallen suggested I focus on five highlights and tell the story of each one. While he was talking, I took phone pictures of the notes he was writing on the board, and I reread the notes before every job interview. As a result, I gained confidence in the skills I was able to bring to the table.”

Advice for other military officers who are considering the EMBA program?

“Word is getting out at Scott Air Force Base that WashU attracts what we call the ‘bright and shinys.’ The program is the best way for former officers to transition to the business environment. It provides the tools and skills they need for a meaningful postmilitary career.”

Brandt House, EMBA 2016


Program manager, Aegis Strategies, Scott Air Force Base, IL

Pre-EMBA: Chief, Strategic Response, Air Mobility Command, US Air Force; Chief, Air Refueling Control Team, Al Udeid AB, Qatar, US Air Force; Chief, Strategic Plans, Air Mobility Command, US Air Force; Assistant to Director of Operations, 18th Wing, Kadena AB, Japan, US Air Force; Commander, KC-135 Tactics Flight/Instructor Pilot US Air Force


BS, general engineering, US Air Force Academy
MS, business aviation management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Louisville, KY