David Lee Walker, PMBA 30

On Olin’s curriculum:
One of the things I’ve learned is to be balanced. You want to be able to provide analytics for all the things that you approach, but you also want to remember that there’s a human aspect to everything you do. Being able to show up prepared not only means being prepared with the numbers and the quantitative data, but also being prepared to be aware of interpersonal interactions. Being well-rounded is something I’ve learned in this program. It’s very macro-level but something I’ve been able to apply in my work life and personal life, whether its negotiating a car price or if it’s negotiating with a vendor.

On Olin faculty:
One of the things I would say is that this program is very well balanced, yet very rigorous. The professors have very high expectations for us, but they understand that we have everyday lives. While they are demanding, they are also accommodating and make it easier to balance work, school and life. The program itself is very well established and very prestigious. Also, the fact that we have researchers and professionals who are currently working in the industry as professors makes what we learn much more relevant. Having exposure to professionals who are renowned and diverse in their experience has made a positive impact on me as I endeavor to advance in my professional life.

BS, Neuroscience and Behavior Biology, Emory University; Atlanta, GA

Retail Marketing Specialist, Brown Shoe Company