Diana Coughlin, PMBA 31

On choosing Olin:
I looked at several Professional MBA programs. I liked many things about Olin. It has fantastic faculty. It’s highly regarded nationally. But what really drew me to Olin was the admissions process, it was very personal. People would meet me one-on-one for coffee. They would call just to see how the application was coming and if I was experiencing writer’s block on any essay questions. I felt that was very indicative of what the Olin experience would be like once I was accepted and started classes. I didn’t necessarily get that same feeling from other schools I considered.

On Olin’s curriculum:
I have a marketing background, but I’m not as financially savvy as I’d like to be. Taking my finance classes, I was able to immediately understand what impact my actions were having at work and what certain decisions meant. As a marketer, pie in the sky, we want everything that’s big and pretty and to make the huge splash, but that costs money. What does that mean? What’s the ROI? What sales do we need in order to make this marketing initiative worth it? In the beginning, I didn’t necessarily have an entire grasp on what that meant, but as I’ve been taking more classes and understanding financial systems more clearly, I’m able to be more strategic and more impactful in my decisions at work.

Since I started at Olin, I’ve been promoted, which I think was directly related to the classes I was taking here. I have learned so many things that I can apply literally the next day when I go to work. In fact, one of the best parts about being a Professional MBA is that I can take what learn in the classroom and apply it to my working life.

BA, Political Science, Wellesley College; Wellesley, MA

Brand Manager, Gap/Old Navy