Joe Calmese, PMBA 33

On Olin’s curriculum:
When I was looking at my MBA options, I toured different schools. At Olin, I sat in on a class and the cohort/team system was one of the things that stood out as differentiator immediately. As a project manager, I’m involved with teams all the time—that’s 100 percent of my job.

Olin’s cohort system is a perfect way to engage in practice team sessions. You’ve got the dynamics of a small group and you’re feeding into a larger goal. In my career path, I feel like leading teams and leading projects will always be important. All these practice sessions of team building exercises are a great win for me.

On the Olin experience:
Why Olin? It’s one of the top MBA programs in the nation. If you’re looking to study with the best and the brightest future leaders of this community, there’s literally no other place you can go. The professors are incredibly helpful, you have these great group programs and there’s a lot of work, so you really must dedicate yourself. You’re learning a lot and absorbing a great deal of knowledge. To remain dedicated and focused on learning that much, it required an intensity that I’d never experienced before.

BS, Physics, Illinois College; Jacksonville, IL

Director of Business Development, Mark Andy