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Jonathan Chitayat, Executive MBA

Jonathan Chitayat

EMBA Shanghai Class 10
Genimex Group
“My classmates were amazing in their depth of knowledge and accomplishments."
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"My classmates were amazing in their depth of knowledge and accomplishments."

Why high-level executive skills are important

Genimex Group provides supply chain services for companies that produce hard goods in China. Chitayat’s firm also works in product development and design and manages and distributes its own global brand: Full Circle Home.

"Executives must have a broad knowledge base to improve the performance of all company departments," Chitayat says. "How can managers drive growth, for example, if they don’t know what’s possible? One reason professionals should enroll in the EMBA program is to identify what they need to understand better."

Takeaways from the International Management Residency

"Certainly, the residency provided a cross-cultural examination of different business norms. But, on a more basic level, the residency was a fun, one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with impressive individuals. I had a great time.

"My classmates in St. Louis and Shanghai were amazing in their depth of knowledge and accomplishments. I felt humbled to be part of the program."

How the program defined his leadership style

“The program gave me a basis for comparison, with direct access to faculty and executives with various philosophies on leadership. Consequently, I could test what worked best for me."

Jonathan Chitayat

Director, Genimex Group; Director, Full Circle Home


Education: BA, International Affairs, Northeastern University