Lynn Khang

Business Consultant
BJC Healthcare, St. Louis
“I had a baby at the end of my second year, and I’m still graduating on time!”

I had a baby at the end of my second year, and I’m still graduating on time!

Lynn Khang loves the Professional MBA program at Olin because she believes it “leaves it to each student to make what she or he wants of the program.” Khang truly made the program work for her, utilizing many of the scheduling options to allow her to give birth to her daughter Ellie and still graduate within three years.

Making the program her own

Some of Khang’s cohort group accelerated their studies and graduated within two to two-and-a-half years. As for Khang, she’s thrilled she will be able to obtain her degree in three years while expanding her family and still excelling at her job at BJC. “With Olin’s flex schedules and how the classes are laid out, you can make it work for you, she says. Khang adds, “They have weekend classes, classes that are just half a semester, and full semester-long classes.”

Meaningful mentorships

Even a mother can use some guidance. Khang sees real-world value in checking in with and sharing experiences with her mentor. “I love the mentor program Olin offers. My mentor is very involved and available.” Khang reports that she and her mentor meet one-on-one at least every other month, and the additional perspective is something she appreciates.

Relying on relationships

Olin offers a series of organizational behavior classes, and Khang describes these as some of her most inspiring and useful experiences. “I usually take the harder approach of just focusing and getting work finished,” she says. “Now, I have a framework for how to think about relationships and the politics of any situation,” she adds. She believes the skills she has sharpened in classes such as Negotiation and Leader Competencies will be ones she will rely on again and again.

Giving back and making it work

Khang also took advantage of one of Olin’s experiential learning opportunities by consulting for a local nonprofit. Not only did she see it as a great way to give back to the community, but she also honed her consulting skills along the way. “I got firsthand exposure in dealing with client requests and, really, all sorts of client issues.” And, of course, Khang loves that the experiential class fit with her schedule. She also states it’s just one more example of Olin providing an opportunity that allows each student to make the most of the program.

Lynn Khang, Professional MBA


Business Consultant, BJC Healthcare, St. Louis