Mary Heger, Executive MBA

Mary Heger

Mary Heger

EMBA 2011
Senior VP and CIO, Ameren Services Company
"The program helped me translate technical complexities into management solutions."
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How the program advanced her career

Heger was promoted to her current position at Ameren two months after she started the Executive MBA program. She now is responsible for the company’s corporate information technology department and services center, which includes accounts payable, the payroll department, and the cash-processing organization.

Heger says the program "provided me a lot of value back at the office. It served as my road map, pulling the different business disciplines together and helping me translate technical complexities into management solutions.

"I took away so many nuggets of information that I use on the job. Two examples come to mind: I was able to initiate and complete a strategic plan extremely quickly after I completed the program. And we were able to align our cybersecurity initiatives with our business direction, which is absolutely critical for us as an electric and gas provider."

Benefits to her organization

"At Ameren, we have a large, accomplished, technical employee base. It’s essential that our technical needs and requirements be translated into management objectives, however. That enables us to continue to drive business value and be successful in our business decision-making."

And that is exactly what Heger learned to do in the Executive MBA program – and why she says her EMBA degree is "so worthwhile."

Mary Heger, Executive MBA 2011

Senior VP and CIO, Ameren Services Company

Previous Employment

Vice President, Information Technology and Ameren Services Center, and Chief Information Officer (previously Director, Development) Ameren


Education: Bachelor of Science, Management, Maryville University of St. Louis