Mathew Fyock, MBA 2011

On collaboration with faculty:

I’ve been able to participate with some of our faculty research projects here. I helped a faculty member write a case. That was a valuable learning experience.

On the Olin community:
We’re a name, we’re not a number. We’re able to have conversations with professors about their research, about the class material. We’re able to stop by their office and get their insight on a job or internship opportunity. They work with us to help expand our network of contacts. They’re dedicated not only to the research aspect of their jobs, but they take very seriously the responsibilities to educate and be a part of our MBA experience.

Post-MBA employment: MBA Associate, Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, GA
Pre-MBA employment: US Airways
Internship: Delta Air Lines

Education: B.S. Management Science and Information Systems, The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA