Mike Scanlon, PMBA 32

On collaboration with faculty:
My experience with the faculty at Olin is that they’re second to none. I’ve been nothing but purely impressed with the folks we have here, both in terms of their professional and academic distinctions; the quality of the lectures; the quality of the case studies; the insights being shared. I’ve always found the professors here to be very open and intent on ensuring that you’re getting what you need, from help in the classroom to being open to talking to you about questions you might have at your own job that you think they can shed some light on.

On earning an Olin MBA:
Once I’ve earned the Professional MBA, I will look at it as a sign of great distinction and achievement; something that can prove to people in my organization that when I set a goal, even a lofty and difficult one, I’ll get there. As someone whose professional experience lies more in the technical accounting realm, I think it opens up more possibilities for my career in accounting and into a broader finance function mode. With an MBA, my future career options include treasury or capital planning and skills that will prepare me for more long term success in the finance realm.

BS and MS, Accounting, Miami University; Oxford, Ohio

Manager, External Financial Reporting at Peabody Energy