Nicole Lindenbaum, MBA 2011

On the Weston Career Center:

Prior to coming to Olin, I worked at Lincoln Center Theatre in New York where I did non-profit fund raising. While I certainly understood that there were a lot of business principles that translated from the non-profit to for-profit corporate world, it’s not always easy to convince potential employers of that. The Career Center really helped me craft my story and explain the skills that I can bring to the table in a corporate setting.

On applied learning:
I think any kind of graduate school is a transformative experience. You come from one set of experiences, go through a whole different set, and emerge on the other side with all of these new skills. I think what’s exciting about business school is that wherever I end up I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned here and I’ll be able to do a job in a better way, in a different way than I would have approached it before. You could read some things in books and pick up different pieces of knowledge but learning how to really apply it, that’s what I learned here. For me, that’s been the biggest transformation piece.

Post-MBA employment: Marketing Specialist at RSD (a software company)
Pre-MBA employment: Development Associate at Lincoln Center Theater (non-profit fundraising events)
Internship: Marketing Intern at Essilor

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, theater studies, Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York
Hometown: Leawood, Kansas