Steve Marin, Executive MBA

EMBA Steve Marin

Steve Marin

EMBA 2014
Product Manager, UMB Bank
“The program minimized the time I spent in career transition and accelerated my role as an impact player.”

Transitioning to the civilian workforce

Marin had a broad range of assignments during his 21 years in the U.S. Air Force, including combat aircrew member, flight instructor, and head of humanitarian-assistance and counter-piracy efforts in Africa. To transition to the civilian workforce – at a senior-leadership level – the retired lieutenant colonel needed “new tools, a new vocabulary, and a new network.

“I researched Olin’s Executive MBA program, and the benefits seemed like the real deal,” he says.

“If you had told me then I’d work in financial services, I wouldn’t have believed you. The program minimized the time I spent in career transition and accelerated my role as an impact player.”

How the program changed his leadership style

“Before I enrolled in the program, I prided myself on the low-maintenance relationships I had with superiors and colleagues. Why waste their time with issues I could handle on my own? As a result, I missed out on opportunities to leverage my network and to multiply my effectiveness. It was like leaving money on the table.

“A light switched on during the Leadership Residency. Building – and tapping into – my professional network is an important part of being an authentic leader.”

On EMBA faculty accessibility

“I was struggling with a few concepts in my Business Analytics and Decisions course. My professor made it clear I could call or email him anytime, and he’d get back to me as soon as he could to go through the material. And he made good on that promise, even though he had a heavy teaching schedule, with a lot of traveling.”

Steve Marin, Executive MBA 2014

Product Manager, UMB Bank

Previous Employment

Associate, Emerging Leaders Program, UMB Financial Corporation

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force


Education: BS, Mathematics, University of La Verne
Master of Military Operational Art and Science, United States Air Force Command and Staff College