Yulia Denisyuk, MBA 2012

On critical thinking at Olin:

Everybody is so friendly. Everybody wants you to succeed and we’re actually helping each other out finding jobs and, you know, given contacts and stuff like that; so it’s very, very friendly and supportive and it’s one of the best things about the school that I like. Critical thinking is at the core of every class that we take.

The faculty push us to apply critical thinking to everything we do. It’s the ability to dig deeper and not just take something at face value. It helps you look at a problem, disassemble it and see what’s really at the root cause of the situation. And it’s a vital skill that I will be able to apply throughout my career.

PreMBA Employment: Data Analyst & Program Manager, U.S. Navy, Seattle, WA
Internship: Marketing, Essilor

Education: International Business, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH

Home town: Tartu, Estonia