The Olin Difference

​Olin Business School is defined by three guiding principles that are core to all we do—from the decisions we make to the future we envision.  

Values Based, Data Driven

Individually, values based and data driven are important traits of a great leader. Together, they are transformative. Olin advances the application of rigorous decision-making criteria balanced with a steadfast commitment to personal and societal values. This results in more discerning leaders with the courage to make really hard decisions and see them through.

Global and Experiential

Olin believes every business leader needs familiarity and practice with critical global issues. That’s why our full-time MBA program starts with an immersive global experience, and the majority of our undergraduate students study abroad. Experiential learning—whether around the corner or across the globe—provides students with a broader perspective on and an appreciation for differences. And that promotes thinking on a global scale, regardless of the size or location of a student’s future organization.

Innovative and Entrepreneurial

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is a vital part of the student experience. Olin has deep relationships with the vibrant St. Louis entrepreneurship scenebut that’s just the start of it. Olin students are pushed to think innovatively in the classroom and out of it. Whether they are involved with a startup, consult for a corporation, or work with a nonprofit, students are tasked with promoting innovation that addresses changing behavior and needs.