St. Louis is a livable, mid-size city with a burgeoning startup community and big-city attractions.

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​About St. Louis

It's the birthplace of Yogi Berra, Chuck Berry, and Budweiserwith all the big-city attractions, commerce, and cultureplus new and historic affordable housing. 

video St. Louis is the headquarters for nearly two dozen Fortune 1000 companies, nine of which are in the Fortune 500, including Express Scripts Inc., Anheuser-Busch InBev, Caleres, and Solutia Inc. Home to four of the nation’s leading brokerage firms, St. Louis is a financial hub of the Midwest. It’s also home to some of the country’s largest privately held companies.

Want more? Here’s a glance of what the St. Louis Region has to offer:

Olin’s Corporate Network

  • Provides internships
  • Hires our graduates
  • Sponsors students in Olin’s Executive Programs
  • Provides guest speakers, course projects, and mentoring
  • Consults with faculty
  • Supports Olin Business School financially

Facts and Figures

  • 18 Fortune 1000 company headquarters
  • 2.8 million residents
  • No. 2 in lowest cost of living among the nation’s 20 largest metropolitan areas
  • 37 stations on the MetroLink light rail connecting the airport, Washington University, downtown St. Louis and beyond
  • 100 parks

Area Attractions

Visitors and residents find plenty to enjoy, with a wide array of dining, music, cultural events, and outdoor and sporting activities.

  • Forest Park, one of the nation’s largest urban parks (500 acres larger than Central Park) - literally across the street from Washington University
  • 120 miles of paved bikeways
  • 140 stars on the St. Louis Walk of Fame in the University City Loop
  • Professional sports include 11-time World Series Champion Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey
  • Dozens of museums and music, dance, and theater companies

Video courtesy of Anastasis Films. All statistics are from the St. Louis Regional Chamber.