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​Faculty and Research

Olin’s academic research in marketing focuses on building frameworks and models to understand and evaluate marketing strategies and their impact on customers, consumers, and competitors. This research provides decision makers the ability to think beyond current practices and offers answers to significant "what if" questions.

We conduct empirical tests on the implications of these models, quantify the effectiveness of different strategies, and explore the profit implications of using alternative strategies. We identify important drivers that should govern strategic decisions and, consequently, the allocation of marketing resources.

The Marketing faculty members work on a variety of topical areas addressing important strategic issues. Current research topics include models of consumer interaction and communication; brand management; channel coordination in the presence of uncertainty; consumer value construction; bidding and regret in auctions; consumer online purchase patterns; collaboration and competition; information and inventory in distribution channels; and customer profitability patterns.

Research papers by faculty members have recently been published in well-respected journals such as:

  • Journal of Consumer Behavior
  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • Marketing Letters
  • Marketing Science


Endowed Professors

Chakravarthi Narasimhan
Philip L. Siteman Professor of Marketing
PhD, University of Rochester

Stephen M. Nowlis

August A. Busch Jr. Distinguished Professor of Marketing
PhD, University of California, Berkeley

P. B. (Seethu) Seetharaman
W. Patrick McGinnis Professor of Marketing
PhD, Cornell University

Associate Professors

Tat Y. Chan
PhD, Yale University

Joseph K. Goodman

PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Robyn LeBoeuf

PhD, Princeton University

Selin Malkoc

PhD, University of North Carolina

Raphael Thomadsen

PhD, Stanford University

Assistant Professors

Cynthia Cryder

PHD, Carnegie Mellon University

Arun Gopalakrishnan
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Baojun Jiang

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Yulia Nevskaya
PhD, University of Rochester

Senior Lecturers

Samuel S. Chun

PhD, Washington University

James Sawhill

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Adjunct and Other Faculty

Richard Batsell

PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Carol F. Johanek

MBA, Saint Louis University

Martin K. Sneider

MBA, Harvard University

Professors Emeriti

Ambar Rao

Fossett Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Marketing

J. George Robinson

Professor Emeritus of Marketing