​Degree Requirements

PhD students must complete at least 36 credit hours, maintain satisfactory academic progress, pass certain examinations, fulfill residence and teaching requirements, and write, defend, and submit a dissertation.

Upon successful completion of your business PhD study, you're awarded a PhD from the Graduate School of Arts & Science at Washington University.

Core Foundation

  • A strong foundation in Microeconomics or Psychology, Probability & Statistics and Quantitative Methods.
  • Exposure to your area of specialization and the required research tools.
  • Successful completion of the core exam.


  • Course work in one or more areas of study.
  • In-depth knowledge in chosen field.
  • Active association with the research process through faculty mentoring.
  • Completion of the field exam.


  • Participation with faculty in research activities.
  • Research paper presentation.
  • Individual research pursuing a specialized topic of interest.
  • Preparation and defense of your dissertation.