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​Faculty and Research

At Olin, faculty members in Operations and Manufacturing Management have strong engineering backgrounds. Their research investigates a broad spectrum of issues, especially areas with strategic and tactical implications. Recently, the emphasis has focused on exciting issues in supply chain management, including global supply chain design; vendor-managed inventory practices; collaborative forecasting; sourcing contracts; dynamic pricing and revenue management; marketing/operations interfaces; information distortion and "bullwhip" effects; information technology uses for improved supply chain performance; inventory management; design and control of queuing systems; and time-based competition and mass customization.

The Operations and Manufacturing Management group focuses its research efforts using quantitative models and analysis to address issues dealing with real-life problems in industry and service organizations. PhD students benefit from the close collaboration that exists in both teaching and research at Olin.

Faculty research has appeared in a variety of leading journals including:

  • Management Science
  • Operations Research
  • Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  • Production and Operations Management


Endowed Professors

Yossi Aviv
Dan Broida Professor of Operations and Manufacturing Management
PhD, Columbia University

Panos Kouvelis

Emerson Professor of Operations and Manufacturing Management
PhD, Stanford University

Associate Professors

Lingxiu Dong
PhD, Stanford University

Fuqiang Zhang

PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professors

Amr Farahat

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jacob Feldman

PhD, Cornell University

Senior Lecturers

Sergio Chayet

PhD, Northwestern University