​Faculty and Research


Olin’s Strategy faculty members are dedicated to delivering a program that prepares PhD students for productive and meaningful careers. In addition to rigorous course work, you’ll work closely with faculty from the very beginning of the program. This collaborative approach helps you gain practical experience in the design and execution of research projects and in the communication of research findings. Recent research projects have examined how teams of experts learn and develop new innovations; performance benefits of team production; how leaders gain the trust of their subordinates, and how they can rebuild it once it has been lost; performance impacts of organizational design choices; research and development pipelines in the pharmaceutical industry; and methods of negotiation and conflict resolution.

Published Works

The Strategy area’s research-driven faculty closely observes firm performance at the market level, and the micro-foundations of this performance that lay in the behavior and organization of individuals and resources within the firm. The resulting research has been published in a wide range of leading strategy journals, including:

  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Academy of Management Review
  • Organization Science
  • Management Science
  • Strategic Management Journal

Faculty Members

Nicholas Argyres | Lyda Bigelow | Phech Colatat | Daniel Elfenbein | Tarek Ghani | P. Konstantina Kiousis | Anne Marie Knott | Jackson Nickerson | Lamar Pierce | Ulya Tsolmon