A Commitment to Promoting Diversity

At Olin, we seek a class that represents diversity across a number of important dimensions: academic, professional, cultural, geographic, and otherwise. Most importantly, we aspire to recruit students who offer diversity of thought and ideas.

We’re a founding member of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, an organization that works to diversify the ranks of corporate America – and the student bodies of its 15 member schools – by providing full-tuition scholarships to candidates who are committed to this mission.

International Students

More than one-third of our MBAs are from countries outside the United States. We offer special resources to assist international students, including a separate orientation program, an international career advisor and a series of business-oriented English Language Program courses. In addition, Washington University's Office for International Students and Scholars offers a wide range of information and support services.

Student Organizations

Several of our student organizations help us attract a diverse student body.

The Olin Veterans Association, a network of current students, alumni and corporate partners with military backgrounds, works to recruit junior military officers and advises current students on their course selection, résumé preparation and job-search strategies. It also offers a mentorship program and special scholarships.