​Student Life

At Olin, you’ll find an invigorating and supportive community of classmates to learn with and from. They’re people you’ll have fun with, whether you’re taking a break between classes or getting involved in a student organization.

You'll also have access to the rich culture and vast resources of the larger university, including more than 200 on-campus student organizations:

  • Music and performing arts groups
  • Community action groups
  • Student government organizations

Washington University Arts and Entertainment

Our campus offers a wide range of entertainment for your excitement, enlightenment and relaxation.

Attend the Washington University Assembly Series, featuring renowned authors, activists, and scientists in the arts, education, journalism, politics, religion, and world affairs, to enjoy lectures followed by Q & A discussions.

Edison Theatre, located in the Mallinckrodt Center, presents works intended to “challenge, educate, and inspire.” Home to the professional series OVATIONS! and ovations! for young people, it showcases national and international touring artists and companies.

View exhibitions of more than 3,000 artifacts that include 19th and 20th century American and European works or attend lectures, special events, and programs throughout the year at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum.

Washington University also boasts several NCAA Division III championships,. Visit to see when you can catch the Bears in action.

For weekly updates on campus news, sports, and other events, see Student Life and the Record, Washington University's campus newspaper.