Career Resources for BSBAs

You’re destined for a brilliant career—and we’re here to help.

From the moment you arrive at WashU Olin, you’ll have a partner that’s eager to help you on your career journey: Weston Career Center.

Your dedicated career coach will partner with you throughout your time at WashU Olin to explore career options and develop a personalized career plan. Together, you’ll explore industry and career landscapes, develop professional documents like resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and evaluate internship and full-time employment offers.

BSBA Career Highlights

Potential career paths
Financial/insurance, consulting, media/entertainment, technology, consumer packaged goods, accounting, healthcare, retail, nonprofit, transportation and logistics, energy, government, manufacturing
$85,000 median base salary and $10,600 median signing bonus for the BSBA Class of 2022; $5,300 average monthly internship salary for the BSBA Class of 2023
Employers that hire
Accenture, Amazon, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Citibank, Deloitte, Gap Inc., Goldman Sachs, Google, JP Morgan, KPMG, McKinsey & Co., Microsoft, Ogilvy, RBC Capital Markets, United Health Group

To see a snapshot of employment outcomes, check out our latest BSBA Employment Report.

Land the right position.

Individual coaching includes exclusive features like the Weston Career Services Model, an eye-opening, four-phase process that helps you uncover the unique differentiators that define your value in the marketplace.

The Self/Story/Strategy/Journey model guides you from your early career search stages to successfully landing internships and full-time offers in the industries you’re passionate about.

career coach talking to students
The Path to Empowerment

The Path to Empowerment

Everyone has a different path when it comes to their career. We’re here to help you find yours.


Self: Look inward

What motivates you? What careers interest you? What type of company cultures fit your personality?

Through assessments, worksheets, reflection and partnering with your career coach, you’ll come to a clear understanding of what you want, your differentiating skills and what’s important to you in your future career.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, assessment tools and career development events


Story: Get personal

What’s your story? Why are you unique? What do you want to accomplish?

It’s time to create a personal introduction, draft your resume and tap into tools to highlight your unique narrative and skill set. You’ll meet with your career coach to hone your story so you stand out in interviews and when networking.

Key resources

Job search material best practices, templates and workshops, and personalized coaching and feedback on professional written and oral communication, such as resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, self-introduction pitch and STAR stories


Strategy: Promote yourself

What type of position do you want? What organizations interest you? How can you best position yourself?

You’ll build a career search campaign and develop a list of target companies that fit with your unique personality and skill set. Your focus is on identifying networking opportunities, attending events and connecting with your Olin community.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, career search timelines, practice interviews, networking events, career fairs (in-person and virtual), club professional events and experiential learning opportunities


Journey: Activate your search

Where have you applied? Have you followed up after interviews? Is that offer right for you?

Your career search campaign is in full swing. You’ve developed a list of target companies and are actively pursuing positions at them. And you’re regularly tapping into your career coach, industry experts and other WCC staff for support, interview practice and help evaluating offers.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, Olin interview and offer database

You’ll have access to all these Weston Career Center services.

Career coaching and development: Meet one on one with your BSBA career coach and attend industry workshops featuring relevant speakers.

Individualized and customized interview practice: Let us help you prepare for and practice interviewing. Our team meets with top employers to gather competitive intelligence about their interview processes.

Job opportunities & networking: Find jobs that match your skill set and experience with assistance from WCC coaches and specialists. And take part in company information sessions and internship and job fairs to hone your networking and business communications skills.

Professional contacts: Start aligning with professional contacts among WCC peer coaches and alumni.

Premium career resources: As an Olin student, you have access to value-add job search capabilities, leadership development workshops, career guides and online resources like Handshake and OlinConnect.

WCC industry leads: Our industry leads cultivate relationships with employers who have offices regionally, nationally and globally. The insights they glean from recruiters and senior level executives are communicated directly to the career coaches who are then able to advise you on the skills employers want.

Career-oriented clubs: Get involved—WashU and Olin have 350 undergraduate organizations in areas including finance, marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship, sports management, technology and more. WCC partners closely with Olin organizations to co-sponsor events and provide career-related insights and content for club members.

Alumni resources: Connect and engage with Olin alumni, who often visit campus for mock interviews and serve as guest speakers, panelists and mentors. Learn about alumni resources.

Majors, minors and career development courses

Your career coach is a great resource as you consider which of Olin’s eight primary business majors and six minors are right for you. You can supplement your major with another major, a minor or a second degree from another WashU school.

These courses, available to all Olin BSBA students, feature core communication and career development concepts embedded directly into the course content.

  • MGT 201: Required for BSBA sophomores, this Management Communications course lays the foundation for key skills like teamwork, interpersonal communication, active listening and business writing—all skills that are highly sought after by employers.
  • MGT 450A: The Internship in Business course is designed to deepen the learning gained from an internship, and it’s a great option for students whose employers require that they be compensated via course credit.

In the meantime, to explore Olin’s primary majors and career outcomes, take a look at our career search timelines.

BSBA career search timelines

The search for your dream job starts the day you arrive at Olin. Choose the Career Search Timeline that best fits your major and interests. Simply follow the checklist that breaks down the process into small, manageable tasks—semester by semester—and you’ll always be prepared to seize the opportunity when a potential internship or job opening presents itself.

Get to know other BSBA students and alumni.

“The opportunity to practice case interviews, review resumes and cover letters, discuss firm-specific interview tips, and receive advice regarding how to navigate multiple offers was crucial to helping me secure my summer internship.”
—Nicole Thraum, BSBA 2020

“I have used WCC since freshman year. Coming from a nonbusiness background, these advising appointments helped immensely. WCC has introduced me to many industries and has opened doors for me in the business world.”
—Marco Quaroni, BSBA 2020

BSBA career tools

Handshake: WashU recruiting platform to connect you to open positions

  • Apply for internships or jobs.
  • RSVP for employer events, career workshops or career fairs.

OlinConnect: Your resource for career coaching scheduling and offer reporting

  • Schedule career coaching.
  • Access interactive Olin salary and interview database. Our propriety platform that works as an interactive career toolkit

  • Explore career resources.
  • Assess and explore career industry options.
  • Develop career narratives (resume, cover letters, LinkedIn, tell your story effectively).
  • Build a career strategy.
  • Prepare for recruiting and interview process.
  • Explore industry-related content.