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​Your MBA Academic Experience

​Demand a healthier relationship between business and humanity.

At WashU Olin Business School, the world is your classroom—literally. With our around-the-world curriculum, we equip next-generation leaders to identify the most pressing problems and propose solutions that will do the most good—for consumers, shareholders, clients, partners, employees and communities, both local and global.

Olin students are prepared to pioneer change. You will learn to make decisions that fuse evidence-based insights and deeply held principles. You will apply entrepreneurial solutions to business problems—whether in a startup, a Fortune 500 firm or a not-for-profit.

In our small, close-knit community, everyone works together in a learning environment where you are surrounded by classmates as committed and purpose driven as you are. Throughout your MBA experience, our world-renowned faculty are invested in your success.

Madagascar project with Missouri Botanical Garden

Acquire a global perspective

Borders are disappearing. Communication is instantaneous. Our program broadens your perspective, gives you hands-on experience with international business practices and provides a foundational understanding of how business is inherently global.

Students worked with the Missouri Botanical Garden on a Practicum in Madagascar.

The WashU MBA starts with foundational studies in the Values Based, Data Driven decision-making that underpins your entire program. Another unique aspect of the program is a global immersion on three continents highlighted by hands-on, real-world projects that develop your global fluency and prepare you for job interviews. Learn more about the full-time MBA curriculum and additional global learning opportunities.

See the bigger picture

The Olin experience gives students firsthand exposure to the contrast in business practices, values and models across borders and around the globe. The global context of our curriculum frames your Olin education and your approach to decision-making, providing you with a broad-based view of how business is done around the world. You gain a thorough understanding of the role of managers and the importance of management decision-making in business by engaging with managers as they lead their organizations.

At the same time, you become comfortable creating and delivering persuasive arguments that support your point of view, build consensus and stay true to your values. You gain the skills to build and lead teams and become effective in getting results. And it’s all driven by your ability to thoughtfully consider data in the context of values—whether those values are yours, your organization’s or society’s.

Students consult with Cambridge Innovation Center

Experiential and entrepreneurial

You learn how to formulate the right problem and ask the right questions when evaluating business decisions. You go one step beyond data-driven, becoming data-resourceful—adept at discovering and generating information to support your decisions. Explore your experiential learning and entrepreneurial options, including team-based consulting projects.

Findings from an Olin student consulting team convinced Cambridge Innovation Center to open its first satellite location in St. Louis’s Cortex Innovation Community.

Courses and coaching: Realize your potential

You may know exactly where you want to go in your career. Or you may need time, insight and experience to firm up your path. Either way, Olin’s five career platforms offer you the tools and the contacts to dive deeply into your desired field. Want to pursue both business and law? Business and social work? Consider a dual degree. Learn more about how Olin customizes career services to your needs.

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