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Bring Innovative Solutions to the Marketplace

​Hone an entrepreneurial  mindset that applies in any business setting. 

WashU’s entrepreneurial spirit challenges existing management models and pioneers innovation. It’s a mindset that will open the door for positive, sustainable progress. Developing that entrepreneurial mindset—and honing the ability to respond nimbly and rapidly to market forces—will serve you your entire career, whether your path leads you to a Fortune 500 corporation, a nonprofit, a startup, or any other direction.

Global Entrepreneurship Week video Develop your own business plan. Help existing startups refine theirs. Put your plan to the test in a business plan competition. Bring fresh ideas to the boardrooms of established companies. Work with local and global entrepreneurs to understand the difficulties they face and offer strategic consulting advice on current best practices. Entrepreneurial thinking, innovation in the marketplace—these are the keys to prosperity in business today. At Olin, you'll practice changing business to match customer behavior—whether the customer is a global client or around the corner.

The mindset at WashU's Olin Business School is very clear: Entrepreneurial thinking makes you a better manager, a better leader, no matter where you work. Those who respond quickly to opportunity are the ones who survive and thrive. At Olin, you'll have ample opportunity to test yourself and hone your thinking. Even beyond St. Louis’ humming startup ecosystem—with business incubators in the Cortex Innovation District or downtown’s T-REX—major corporations seek out Olin students for fresh perspectives and a new look at their real-world business problems.

We’ll help get you started on the path to entrepreneurship, whether that path leads you to launch your own startup or to pursue new markets, new opportunities, or new efficiencies in an established company.

Opportunities in and out of the classroom

The St. Louis business community holds WashU and its students in high regard. That creates access and opportunity. Outside the classroom, you’ll have opportunities to work with senior executives in case competitions and consulting engagements. Inside the classroom, you can take an entrepreneurship course with students from a range of other disciplines around campus—medical students, social work students, engineering students, and more—who spur innovative thinking and paradigm-changing perspectives through their classroom collaboration. You can engage with Olin’s entrepreneurship platform to further explore career opportunities, consulting projects, and networking opportunities with startup innovators.

The CEL entrepreneurial consulting course

In CELect, you engage in consulting projects for resident entrepreneurs to better understand the challenges of a startup and advise the new ventures on best-practice business strategies. The program has office space at T-Rex, a tech incubator in downtown St. Louis. Or take Olin’s Venture Consulting in Budapest elective for startup consulting with a global flavor.

The Holekamp Seed Fund

Compete for one of 20 grants a year of $1,000, providing student-run startups an injection of capital to get them off the ground. WashU has a solid track record of cultivating student businesses that grow to greatness. Any WashU student with a serious business plan and a passion to get it started is eligible to apply to the Holekamp Seed Fund with no strings attached—only a hope that students will consider paying it forward after they graduate.